Case study: Promotions


The Automated Selection and Promotion Program was an initiative to digitize and automate an existing paper-based job application process. Using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tools and minimal custom code, we reengineered and automated an existing paper-based internal promotion process. After designing a more efficient process, we designed and developed the data structure, workflow, and user interfaces necessary to bring the system to life. We continue to create additional functionality for this application to this day. It conferred the following benefits:

  • Reduced staff required to process job applications by 40%
  • Migrated data from a legacy mainframe application into a modern Oracle database
  • Achieved significant cost savings due to reduced administrative burden for internal applicants and concrete 
  • Maintenance costs less than 30% of the previous systems


Case study: Travel


A large Federal agency had no standardized method of accounting for employee travel. The existing solution was a labyrinthine mix of systems, time-consuming for employees to navigate, and causing substantial delays in payment of receipts. FireTrail was an integral part of the team which designed the solution: the Travel Initiation and Payments (TRIP) system. TRIP released agency-wide as a full-service solution, from tracking the itineraries, to obligation of funds, and finally payment of receipts. Deployed in less than a year, it quickly became the model for future systems development at the agency. In addition, it:

  • Reduced time for approval and payment from more than 3 weeks to 4 days
  • Consolidated multiple disparate systems into a one-stop shop application
  • Interfaced with existing financial system to streamline direct deposits to employees

More case studies coming soon.